Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunflower Smiles

Anyone who knows me, knows I love sunflowers! They were all over our wedding, in my house, art subjects, & even on my skin.
They put a smile on my face everytime. Oh & this big, bright love started way before moving to the Sunflower State. Kansas was named the Sunflower State due to all the wild ones roaming the hills & roadways.
Did you know there are over 60 different kinds of sunflowers depending on where you are. The one on this painful canvas I doodled back in 2006 in one of my Czech classes in Prague. Yes, I was inked in a foreign place; No, it wasn't in a back alley while I was drunk.

This is the wild or native sunflower which is mostly seen on the side of the road. It reminds me of the dirt road to my parents. With in it there are 5 letters... can you see them?
The lovelies, I used in the wedding were the gorgeous big red & yellow ones. They were in bouquets, milk cans, our archway, & on our remembrance candle.

If you read the 'Props To The Crafty' you'll see that sunflowers (maybe another word for??) were the base to some of the gifts we received too. LOVE!
I have another sunflower piece I'm working on... but it's a surprise!
What's your favorite flower?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paint a little Halloween

One of the best holidays of the year!
Time of candy, sweet decorations, & dressing up! An excuse to be whatever you want & have a great time.
One tradition I have with my self, family, or whomever likes to join me is carving pumpkins! Love it! I love coming up with my own design & seeing all the other carvings out there.
My designs this year
We believe if you're going to do it, do it right. Even with Halloween & going all out. Only doing it frugally... homemade is the best! I especially love costumes that involve paint.
This year Paul & I were Papa Smurf & Smurfette. 

Yes, blue EVERYWHERE! Total cost of our get ups = $32 (including paint!). My dress was a cut & tied sheet & second-hand was the rest.
Once we were all blued up, we ate, drank, played, & sang at my friends' Halloween party.

 Who knows what color our tub will be 2013? But you can guarantee it will be amazing!!!!

What were you? What has been you're favorite costume &/or favorite Halloween tradition?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding Dancin'

FINALLY! We have Internet again! Let the blogging begin. I have A LOT to catch up on.

Might as well go back to the wedding. One thing Paul & I love is music! So, it was important to us to have amazingly, awesome tunes. Ranging from sawdust, boot kickin, booty shankin, love making tunes.

We kicked it off with one that sums Paul & I up when we go out... LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem

Our song was one of the first 'red dirt' songs that I introduced Paul to when we were long distance dating.
Kyle Bennett Band's Everything To Lose. LOVE IT! Our friend took a video only I'm unable to upload it.

The father - Daughter dance was a song that meant a lot to me... Miranda Lambert's House That Built Me. It reminded me of growing up in our house & in the house mom & dad built. From putting our hands in the walkway cement to getting ready for prom to driving around the white fence every time I come home.

The Son & Mother dance was I hope you dance. Picked by Paul's mom.

Throughout the evening we heard everything from Footloose to Nicki Minaj to Neon Moon. After the tunes really got going we broke out the microphone. Paul sang to me - Forever & Ever Amen by Randy Travis. My cousin sang us a Charlie Pride song. Paul's friend & dad sang us songs... among lots of others. .

Then Paul & I have our song that we love singing together (I'm not the singer I just have fun). Johnny Cash & June Carter's Jackson

~ Get your groove on!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Please Vote!

Not only in the National election but for Dallas & I too!

A week ago I stumbled upon a K-State Super Fan contest. Submit a photo of you or your love of Kansas State. Top 20 are picked by a group. Those 20 are put on Facebook to be voted for. Most votes by November 15th is sent to the December 1st KSU v. TX game. Take their chance at punt, pass, & kick their way from one N-zone to the next for a $500 gift card to GTM.

After K-State made #3 in the ranking, I was in Wall-greens picking up some hair color (Halloween!). Purple caught my eye, and WALLAH! I had an amazing idea. Dallas is white... like the perfect canvas.
This is the one I submitted. Wish I would've been in it & √≠ntsagrammed it up, but I was an excited mess 
Well, the other day she ran off - like she does occasionally - & dog shaming came to mind. Not familiar, visit Dog Shaming. com.
It says, I ran off, so now mom made me super Go K-State!...
After that, saw the contest... PERFECT!!! Picture sent in. Few days later, email "Congratulations! You have made the top 20!"


I haven't had the funds or time for a game in a long time & I would LOVE, love to attend.


my favorite pic

The aqua net Mohawk :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


Wow! It's been a while. Sorry guys :(
With moving & our honeymoon I haven't had any bloggin' time. We're also waiting to get Internet at our house.
Stay tuned for lots of posts! I've been hand writing them in the time being.

~ Lady Wittkop

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