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Currently, Paul & I are living in Topeka, Kansas. Yes, I know Kansas... why would we be here when we are from two beautiful states? 
Here's a little about us & how we arrived here in Kansas...
I'm a born & raised Coloradan! From a little land between Longmont & Boulder, CO to be exact. Rodney & Dana Gettel are my excellent parents who raised my younger brother, Drew, my younger sister, Tess, & myself. We spent our time growing up around livestock & playing in the dirt. My perfect outfit is a t-shirt, comfy jeans, & a pair of boots. Attended Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, CO & transferred to Kansas State University. I graduated in 2007, with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. Soon after I landed a job at Hill's Pet Nutrition in Topeka, KS where I work with the research dogs. Otherwise, I love the outdoors, animals, roller derby, crafts, & photography.
Paul is Michigan born & raised! From outside "the hub of the highways," Dundee, MI. His parents, David & Joan Wittkop, had 3: His older sister, Valerie, his younger brother, Jon, & him. He loves the outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking, & hunting! He worked in the auto world for a couple years & realized they're too cramped so he moved up to diesel trucks, which he's been turning wrenches on for about 9 years. Someday he would love to open his own shop. He also loves football & 'taste testing' beer!


How we came together....
It all started with a little diesel & bonfire. While I was going to school & working out in Manhattan & Topeka, KS, my brother, Drew, was employed for Heavy Duty Truck Repair (a diesel shop) in Longmont, CO. He became friends with a fellow co-worker, Paul Wittkop.
In 2010, my family had a trip planned to Lake Powell, Utah. Only, I was unable to attend so they had to find a filler. Drew asked around & this Paul character happened to be able to go. They all came back with stories & pictures spreading across facebook. Dancing, boating, eating, drinking, sight-seeing, all the proper house-boating traditions. Looking through the photos, I noticed this new character & my brother sporting mo-hawks, chops, daisy duke overalls, the works! I asked the family who this guy was..."oh just this funny guy Drew works with."
One weekend I was home, the Gettel's had the usual bonfire & around the shop walks Paul. They introduced us & we chatted... the conversation came easy. He made fun of my "Kansas Drawl" & I did the same about his "Northerner accent," which he still swears that he doesn't have one, it's just pronunciation... ha!
I was back off to Kansas, so of coarse I stalked him on facebook. Messaging turned into texts, into phone calls, into driving half way to Colby, to flying to Denver/KC. After a few months, we called it what it was... a relationship! Before we knew it he was loading up the U-Haul to move in with me in Topeka!
One night at the end of October we were laying in bed, candles lit (honestly I had a headache & couldn't stand the light), we were playing a quiz game. You know the one with, "what's my favorite color?" "What's my favorite food?" etc, etc. It was Paul's turn & he leans over me, gives me a look and was like, "Alicia, will you marry me?" I responded, "are you joking?" Paul again, "will you marry me?" Me again, "seriously?" Paul lastly, "Alicia, this is the third & final time I'm asking, will you marry me?" Of coarse I said yes!!!
 Ever since we've had a blast & even through the rough sickly summer & beginning of this year. He's been my shoulder to lean on & I couldn't ask for a better best friend & husband

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