Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tunin' In

Here's some artists I've stumbled upon recently. I thought I'd pass them on to you all.

Scott Shelby.
A Texan who's working on his DVM at Texas A&M & singing the local bars. He's a he singer that believes in singing from your heart & about events that shape you to the person you are today. Not only that, but his tunes make you want to get up & dance. With his love for agriculture, he travels the country with Matt Leutner Cattle & mainly performs at cattle shows. I hope to catch him someday! 
One of my all time FAVORITE songs & he rocks it:
You can catch more of his videos on YouTube & on his website,

Another young man, of friend of mine recommended is:
Ryan Cook & Sunny Acres.
He's a native of Nova Scotia & is perusing a career in country music. Couldn't find much about him, but I am loving his version of this song:
Yay! For the mandolin!!!
You can catch more of his videos on Youtube & info about his cds & tours on his site

What are some of your 'not so famous' favorite artists? 


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