Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dub in Twine

I've always giggled at those who say 'dub' for 'double-you' (W). Paul & I could go by Dub-Kop (hehe). Here's one of the many crafts from Paul & I's wedding. I would love to claim this but I read about this idea from Crystal Cattle's blog.
What you need:

- Styrofoam letter - good priced ones from shindigz.com - also shipped really fast
- Jute twine - scored a HUGE role from Burlap Fabric.com
- Hot glue & gun


Pick your starting location & tac the twine. Begin wrapping, covering all the styrofoam, & tacking where ever you feel the need - I did each time I crossed the back side. If you're lucky & have a letter like ours, the ends need covered. I took cut pieces & crossed the bottom. Those string ends were covered by the wrapped twine. Which ended up giving it a blocky look, which I enjoy.

Afterwards, I spruced it up with a couple burlap flowers.
Now, that the wedding has come & gone, we have placed it on our mantle. It would also be good looking on a wall, in a frame, or on a shelf.
Let's see your Dub or fitting letter!

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