Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Many Faces of The Jar

WOW! Jars have many uses! They are great & I have used them all over place.

In our wedding:
 - Pen holders
 - Snack containers
 - Candle holders
 - Bride/Bridesmaids flower vases
- Glassware for the bridal party

To make your very own 'Redneck Glasses' 
... my mom made all the bridal party glasses for our wedding Thanks!

What you'll need:
-Jar of your choice (mom picked up the pint from the Dollar Store)
- Industrial Strength Glue
- Candle Stick

- Clean sticks & jars
- Glue jar to stick. Once dry you can spruce it up for the event. (ie. mom put a tie on Paul's & pearls & lace on mine).
Now that I have tons left over, I have found lots of uses & decorations for them. Some I painted, Some I left natural. I've even glued some for a wedding gift. Wrote their name & wedding date, then painted them. In our cabinet they hold push pins, nails, wall things. In our bathroom they hold q-tips, flowers, & lotion (haven't made yet), on our fridge they hold toothpicks, pistachios, cashews, & popcorn, & on my coffee table we have a holiday triple water jar decor - although Jello thinks they are new water dishes.

To make the Painted Jar Decor:

What you'll need:
- Jars
- Primer Spray Paint
- Spray Paint
- Hot Glue (if you want additional notes on them).
1. Clean jars
2. If you choose to write on the jars with hot glue, do so now. Hope you have a steady hand. All details will show with the paint.
2. Once glue is dry, primer jars. I like to put them upside down on a stick, otherwise I get paint all over & I'm able to get all areas in comparison to painting them on a table.
3. Paint with desired colors & let dry.

I LOVE finding a unique jar to find a use for!

What do you like to do with yours?

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